Audio Note Pro Apk For Android v1.0.3 Cracked [Latest]

Audio Note Pro Apk

Audio Note Pro Apk – Download Audio Note Pro App For Android, Audio Note Premium patched Adfree Apk For Android free download, This application is very useful for students who likes to record lectures. This app will help them record the lecture, but importantly, take notes while recording the lecture

This app can be also useful to students who like to watch youtube videos to learn something. They can take notes on the youtube videos and make their life easier. Every note has its time stamp so the user can tap on the note and the audio will start playing from that time, making life much easier.
About the application:

Audio Note Pro is an Android Application where you can take notes on :
– Live Recordings
– Audio Files
– Youtube Videos

Features of the application :
Search: Search for any notes you have taken on any files. The audio will start playing from the searched token’s time stamp!!
Notes : You can take, edit, or delete notes. Each note will have it’s time stamp. If you tap a note, the audio will start playing from that time!!
Share : You can share the audio and the notes with others via email or other available services
Export : You can export your notes in your device as .txt file
Import : You can import notes through .txt files in any any audio/youtube file

Audio Note Pro
Audio Note Pro
Developer: Kirtan Patel
Price: To be announced

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