EasyRead Pro v1.0 Text to Speech App [MOD APK]

EasyRead Pro App

EasyRead Pro App – EasyRead is a text to speech app that utilizes Google’s build in text to speech engine, but pairs it with a much more user friendly interface! EasyRead works by taking the text that you copy to your clipboard and displaying it as a permanent notification. If you tap on this notification, the app starts reading what you have copied! EasyRead also includes voice options similar to those found in popular text to speech engines for PCs, such as changing the pitch and speed of the voice.

This application started as a project for my friend who is dyslexic and was unsatisfied with Google’s built in implementation, as well as all of the other offerings on the Play Store. He loves using this app, so we thought we would share it with all of you!

EasyRead - Text to Speech
EasyRead - Text to Speech
Developer: The Hut Builders
Price: To be announced

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